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Health Check

Is the halfbakery OK?
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The hb has suddenly become awfully quiet in the past day or 2.
Is everything working as it should?
Are all the halfbakers OK?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 09 2022

Does this look healthy to you? https://www.halfbak...=1:t=Health_5fCheck
Activity in the past 2 days "or so". [a1, Nov 09 2022]


       I don't think I've ever been okay. Fine, sometimes, and dandy, on different days - but never both at the same time.
a1, Nov 09 2022

       Probably commutative/possibly additive possibilities for low poster turnout:   

       1. resurgence of Covid, 'flu, RSV and similar affecting HBers and/or their families   

       2. War in Ukraine: unintended long-range effects on HB psyches   

       3. Bazillionare 3rd new UK PM this year--UK HBers in shock   

       4. Midterm elections in the US, so US HBers are holding their collective breatheses   

       5. Lunar eclipse effects on power grids, both external and internal prevent access to HB (not hokey; related to full moon/high tide effects on bread rising, for example)
Sgt Teacup, Nov 09 2022

       Still alive here. Nothing to report.
Loris, Nov 09 2022

       Oh I've seen it far quieter before. Activity at the Bakery waxes and wanes. For what it's worth, all's well in my neck of the woods.
21 Quest, Nov 09 2022

       All good, people!
Typically, I have a look when I get to work, & there are usually 10-ish new comments/ideas to catch up on. Yesterday, none. This morning, 1. Just seemed quite unusual is all.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 09 2022

       We're thinking ...   


pertinax, Nov 10 2022

       A considerable number of formerly active members no longer post anything. Because they were some of the more inventive contributors, general activity is proportionately less. The world is also quite a depressing place now ie: war in Ukraine; unstoppable effects of global warming; mass extinction of species; fresh wave of the election of extreme right wing fruitcakes into positions of power. I believe a general malaise effects everyone. For my own part, I've been posting a lot of new work on Instagram where it has a more responsive audience than I find here, but I'm still around.
xenzag, Nov 10 2022

       Well I, for one, had a problem with my keyboard so I tried using an on-screen version only to realize my monitor isn't touch-capable.   

       Then I considered trying a blink-switch type of device like Stephen Hawking used but my CPU isn't compatible with Windows 11.   

       I found an old keyboard I bought for my BlackBerry Playbook but, well, you know, it was BlackBerry.   

       So that's my list of excuses, running the gamut from weak to ridiculous. What's your excuse?
Canuck, Nov 10 2022

       I blame myself and social media.
nineteenthly, Nov 10 2022

       Just been busy as hell.
doctorremulac3, Nov 11 2022


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