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Getting There

First person stealth exploration game
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The basic idea is to get from where you start to the objective on the other side of the map, with being spotted by undesireables.
Beginning: Each "New Game", you are dropped randomly somewhere with-in a reasonably large area (so repeat play & others gameplay is not always the same), with nothing. Somewhere random but close is a backpack (more on that later), a map & simple locator beacon system (more on that later too), and some health/food/water.
Backpack: All supplies have a mass & a volume. Your backpack has a finite volume, & the mass carried affects your stamina/travel abilities. Some supplies can be carried "outside" the pack (tagged as to whether they can or not), so volume doesn't matter, but mass still does.
Map: "Map" view is a split-screen, so you can see the world & map together. It is a topographical map, but DOESN'T show your position on it. It orients to the direction you are looking, & is zoomable. It is up to you to be able to read it. You have a simple locator system (not "proper" GPS), so you can drop a transmitter at your current location & put a marker on the map (these are separate acts; you need to know where on the map you are to place the marker) but once done, the HUD will show the direction to the transmitter (& signal strength, ie. distance (..ish)), and the mark stays on your map.
Terrain: A good mix of wilderness (open, forest, mountainous, etc), small villages, city to negotiate. Need to go down a cliff? Got to find a rope first. Crossing a river? Makes your boots wet which slows you down.
Objective: Again, randomly defined at a "New Game", always with-in a reasonably small area. Could be a port, hospital, "home", group of un-defined other people at a particular place.
NPCs: Both humans and animals, with only a few "beneficial" encounters (to gain info or supplies). Mostly, the idea is to not get seen or heard. Being spotted isn't an immediate "end game", but if you stick around you'll die. You can run, hide, distract etc. Human "enemies" are stronger & better armed than you, but you are faster & more agile (able to climb etc to places they can't follow).
Supplies: Randomly distributed at each "New Game". Important things (backpack, map, locator, "special" useful items like rope) always spawn with-in a reasonably small area. Some are "meta" ie. got to find a way to get into a shack to then find a shovel (or something).
Side quests: Besides simply "Getting There", there are simple side quests such as make it to the top of every mountain, shut off a broken water-main valve to stop a village flooding (& for you to cross it..?); things that are no exactly necessary to complete the overall quest, but still "fit".
Graphics: as realistic as possible (which is pretty damn realistic with todays game engines). Probably easiest to base it on a real-world location, for ease of creating realistic terrain.

I came up with this idea because pretty much all of the top "first person" games are "kill the bad guy"; I just like exploring the computer-generated worlds.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 24 2021

Not this Backpack https://www.google....VAGAQ4dUDCAY&uact=5
Aaaah! [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 24 2021]

TV Programme SAS Who Dares Wins interrogation https://www.faceboo...3207/?extid=SEO----
[xenzag, Aug 24 2021]

Been there, done that https://en.wikipedi...sistance_and_Escape
[a1, Aug 24 2021]


       I was going to make a Dora the Explorer joke when I read about the backpack but I thought nah, I like this.   

       This would be impossible to make as a single player game because for now the question isn't "does the AI cheat" but "how and how badly does the AI cheat". Either you have the traditional conical line of site on a 2D map with deterministic and boring outcomes or you're rolling the weighted dice for whether an AI entity saw the player. To do it properly as in single player mode you would have to actually have AI agents working to spot the player in a 3D environment.   

       I want the real world version playing with and against humans and robots.
Voice, Aug 24 2021

       There's a TV game in the UK the does something similar to this. Will search for it. The SAS also send recruits out across a bleak moorland area wearing a heavy coat. They are then hunted by teams of regular soldiers. Any who are caught are subject to severe replica interrogations. (see link)
xenzag, Aug 24 2021

       [xenzag], US military does similar (link).
a1, Aug 24 2021

       Subverting the Red Cross to deliver escape aids was evil.
Voice, Aug 24 2021

       But you're neutrino's shadow. You could simply pass through any obstacle or enemy and be there at nearly the speed of light...
RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2021

       // neutrinos.... pass through any obstacle //   

       So the problem is how do they stop when they get to their destination?
a1, Aug 24 2021

       Sandbox survival game (ie Minecraft, Don't Starve), but with a destination.
MechE, Aug 24 2021

       // Subverting the Red Cross to deliver escape aids was evil. //   

       If you mean the WWII "Monopoly" escape kits, those weren't sent via the Red Cross. Private charities (sometimes fake!) sent them. But even if the Red Cross had been involved, I wouldn't call that evil.
a1, Aug 24 2021

       [MechE]; I hadn't come across Don't Starve; seems similar but more about "survival time" than "travel".
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 24 2021

       Fine, it wasn't the Red Cross. Still evil. If the Nazis had found out it would have cut off all remaining aid to prisoners of war.
Voice, Aug 25 2021

       //have cut off all remaining aid to prisoners of war.//   

       and that would have been a public relations nightmare.... oh, right.
bs0u0155, Aug 25 2021

       What if PR wasn't the reason they allowed access? What if even the Nazis weren't pure evil but had humanitarian concerns? Would that blow your mind? And get this, what if there were people in the Axis forces who WERE NOT NAZIS!!???
Voice, Aug 26 2021


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