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constantly baking... but never for the full amount of time the recipe requires.

[Mar 30 2010]
(+4, -3) 3D google earth
(+1, -3) bouncy-bunkers is bomb-proof
(+7, -3) butterfly hair colour
(+2, -4) car beeps when lights go green
(+4, -2) device tells you who youve seen before
(+1, -5) economy of nice
(+2, -1) guided sheep-mowers
(+5, -2) Heat old people using microwaves
 images of sound
(+1, -3) LED train signs
 motorcycle with offset wheels
(+2, -4) order drinks with iphone
(+9, -4) pedal desk
 race motorcycle better cornering
(+4, -1) spikey high speed objects creates turbulence reducing drag
(+2, -1) ultra high quality photo using one video camera

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