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butterfly hair colour

hair nano-structure provides vivid + very controllable colour
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So butterflies don't have coloured wings, but the nano- structure of the wings fragments light in a way that provides the colour. Butterflies look different again in ultra-violet light (which they use)*

{*this might all be utterly untrue]

How about nano-restructure our human-hair so that its colour comes from structure? You could have incredible colour patterns. Individual hairs which look white from the front, bright blue from the sides and black from the back...

it would be amazing ? no ?

Not only could the patterns be different from different angles - but at different lengths of hair also !

the age of nano-bods in our blood is the one after "robots take over everything" surely ? so thats... 2020 ? I'm looking forward to it...

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 11 2010

Iridescent wigs http://www.nftech.com/
They do UV-luminescent wigs, too. [mouseposture, Apr 11 2010]


       If you'll settle for a wig, it's apparently already available <link>
mouseposture, Apr 11 2010

       I didn't mean this was baked: nano-restructured human hair is different from a wig, after all. Moreover, could be I spoke too soon. I can find no photo of an iridescent wig, and it turns out the word "iridescent" is sometimes applied to wigs which are merely brightly colored and shiny.   

       Truly iridescent hair -- whether natural or wig -- would be breathtaking. [+]
mouseposture, Apr 12 2010

       I'm not as generally opposed to nano(x) ideas as some 'bakers, but this seems on the edge of believability to me. It seems to me you'd have to precisely cut the hair in order to achieve the effect. Even then, I think it would be difficult to get a consistent look because colors would depend on how the hair was arranged and what angle existed between the hair, light source and viewer.   

       It seems like it would be easier (and less mythological) to wash your hair with butterfly wings...
phoenix, Apr 12 2010

       + I would want it!
xandram, Apr 12 2010

       yeah but the think of the chaos on the other side of the world when you toss your hair.
po, Apr 12 2010

       The chaos is always there, [po], whether the butterfly flaps its wings or not. We might as well enjoy the pretty colors.
mouseposture, Apr 12 2010

       Po - very good. +1
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 15 2010

       Why do you need to invoke nano jiggery pokery? You should be able to do this with some sort of glorified crimping iron, to emboss the hair with a fine enough pattern.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 15 2010


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