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guided sheep-mowers

guide sheep with computer goggles - blank out areas you don't want them to go.
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introduction: sheep are great lawnmowers. Downside = poop.

For areas of land that you want as grass, and dont want to sunbathe on (verges of roads) they're great.

problem : However, you have to fence sheep in. (else they get hit by tractors/eaten) Fences are expensive, and are impractical for complex shapes.

The idea: put computer-controlled goggles on sheep. These 'blank out' areas that you don't want the sheep to go. They would see a "black zone".

Hopefully - they would not go in the 'black zone' and would just eat the grass you wanted them too.

Therefor, sheep could travel hundreds of miles, independently - and eat only grass that was in the public's interest for them to do so. Saving many a LOT of money on farmers. You could "lead" them, and manage land exactly, getting grass the Precise "eat" ratio You Require.

Fatal Flaw: may not work. Sheep may rely on smell / touch and be able to find grass in the 'black zone'. I submit that even if this is the case, they would be happier out of it, so trespassing might be low - like 20%. This might not offer the Precision that 'road verces' require - but might still be accurate enough for a farmer to get rid of fences. Especially if they provided a 'bare-earth ring' around a designated enclosure. Besides - with sensory control, you could "punish" animals for their location... flashing lights, scary sounds... etc... I know this is evil And i would like it know that i ... DO NOT ENDORSE EVIL.

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 11 2010

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[normzone, Feb 13 2011]


       Don't sheep automow anyway? I.E. look for the greenest most tastiest sprouty stuff they can find, rather than keep eathing one spot down to the dirt?   

       The poo is not a problem = fertilizer.
ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

       No, sheep are grazing livestock. Goats are browsing livestock.
rcarty, Apr 12 2010

       sp. endorse
pertinax, Apr 12 2010

       ... but an attractive idea
pertinax, Apr 12 2010

       // DO NOT ENDORCE EVIL //   

       So why are you here, exactly ?
8th of 7, Apr 12 2010


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