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car beeps when lights go green

camera detects lights and beeps when traffic lights go green
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Red lights can be 3-5 minutes long. Your car is sitting stationary in the road in a que of traffic. Without this device, if you're talking to the passenger, you have to keep checking the lights to see if they're green. Sometimes you don't

and get honked

You enable this device, make sure it's pointing at the right lights, and then are notified when they change.

The danger is that the device reads the wrong green light, you don't look, and drive through a red. But that's only if you're the first car ... And, you should check anyway...

ps, the first version of this idea was worded differently and it wound quite a few people up, so i've rephrased it and deleted the comments... I hope nobody minds...

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 02 2010


       I like the idea...for some other people. You know who you are.   

       On the other hand, I am tired of the fridge giving me shit when the door is open a second too long, and the car giving me shit because I dared to drive the entire length of a CostCo parking lot without my seatbelt on and my stove giving me shit because I don't feeEEL LIKE TURNING OFF THE DAMN TIMER UNTIL AFTER FINAL JEAOPARDY!!!!!!
<HUFF . HUff . huf . h...>


       whoa, I think I channelled Dennis Leary there for a sec.   

       I like this idea for when I was 20 and driving at 3:a.m. home from the party; but as a stodgie old fart who likes safety on the road I must give you a -
dentworth, Apr 02 2010


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