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panthaz paradise

wait till the ideas come flooding in :)

[Apr 02 2001]
(+4, -3) Burglar trap
(+1, -3) bustin' rhymez all tha time
 chameleon skin moodometer
(+3, -8)(+3, -8) Crackdonald's
(-1) DIY
 fox hunter hunting
(+2, -38)(+2, -38)(+2, -38) GIMME A FISH! why?
(+2, -6) involuntary organ donation
(+2, -3) lion eating contests
(+4, -1) marinade napalm
(+2, -4) needle in a haystack
(+1, -3) public body paint
 reactive hair gel
(+2) stealth trainers
 the ultimate fire system

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