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chameleon skin moodometer

i'm feeling in a yellow mood today
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GM skin that senses your mood and chnges colour accordingly, red for angry, blue for sad, yeallow for happy etc. saves all those problems like "are you ok" "yeah i'm fine" comes a depressing sounding reply
panthaz paradise, Aug 09 2001


       This would take all the fun out of marriage.
Reverend D, Aug 09 2001

       But would you strobe during sex?
st3f, Aug 09 2001

       Only if I can set it to dissemble.
protean, Aug 10 2001

       The colour changes performed by the chameleon are mainly for purposes of crypsis, but basing this idea on the cephalopods (in which mood is more relevent) would allow for the modification of skin texture that those endlessly fascinating creatures exhibit.
angel, Aug 10 2001

       This cuold be a Chameleon idea. Colour changing Mood Rings went out with Tie dyed Bell Bottom pants.
Grandpa Rhd, Dec 17 2005


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