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lion eating contests

eat or be eaten, only the maddest survive
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in a kind of gladiatorial event, a person is put in a ring with a lion, the human will be armed with short bladed weapons like daggers. whoever dies is eaten there and then in the ring by the other, this really would be a contest of only the fittest surviving.
panthaz paradise, Apr 07 2001


       Lions might have 'Paw and Jaw' disease.
thumbwax, Apr 07 2001

       if it isnt fatal,it['Paw and Jaw' disease.]is safer than losing the fight
technobadger, Apr 07 2001

       I don't think anyone would survive eating a whole lion.
jutta, Apr 08 2001

       This is totally barbaric, and I am offended at the thought of it. I mean, really... only a dagger? No fork? No napkin? Heathen!
PotatoStew, Apr 08 2001

       Baked, a couple of thousand years ago. Go look for 'Romans', 'christians' and 'gladiator' on the net. All but the eating part on the human side...
StarChaser, Apr 08 2001

       My name is Maximus Decimus Meridus, commander of the Felix Legions of the North, husband to a murdered wife, father to a murdered son, a servant of the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.   

       Don't you just love Russell Crowe?   

       And I wouldn't touch the lion without cutlery or mayonaise.
oobersteph, Apr 08 2001

       i'd want to be armed with one of the deep-frying vats at my job.
nick_n_uit, Apr 08 2001

       Isn't eating raw lion in contravention of the food hygiene regulations?
DrBob, Apr 09 2001

       Look on the bright side, eating Lion has to be better than eating Polar Bear. Eating Polar Bear was an option experimented with by an early polar expedition when no other food source was available. No one survived but a later explorer found their last camp and a journal that described the effects. (shudder)
Aristotle, Apr 09 2001

       One general rule of thumb for wilderness survival is that the closer to the equator a plant's habitat is, the more likely it will kill you if you try to eat it (mosses and lichens of the tundra are almost all safely edible). Interesting that this doesn't hold up for animals (or at least polar bears).
beauxeault, Apr 09 2001

       There are two problems with Polar Bear meat. One is that it incredibly tough and the second is that it is riddled with parasites that the bears are immune to. The explorers were driven crazy by the parasites.   

       Compared to "Shako" steaks eating lions should be a piece of cake.
Aristotle, Apr 09 2001

       It's the British way, Peter. It's what made our country great and civilised half the world (regardless of whether or not it wanted to be civilised).
DrBob, Apr 09 2001

       DAMN! i meant to put this in the haha dangerous section.... ahh well
panthaz paradise, Apr 14 2001

       [admin: I don't think it particularly fits there, but generally, you can move stuff around after posting it. Just select a new category from the Category menu, and resubmit the idea text unchanged by clicking on "OK".]
jutta, Apr 15 2001


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