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fox hunter hunting

armies of animal rights activists chase royalty through the countryside for several hours
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you would have hunt protesters and animal right activists shooting and setting dogs onto royalty who have to wear red coats and run 50 to the dozen through the countryside.

how's that for pest control?

panthaz paradise, Apr 02 2001

Confessions of a Vetran Hunt Saboteur http://news.bbc.co....d_423000/423962.stm
Note the remarks about people prepared to "defend themselves". [Aristotle, Apr 02 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

When a Hunt is Caught http://news.bbc.co....d_908000/908383.stm
More unpleasantness. [Aristotle, Apr 02 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Worm Charming Competition http://ourworld.com...m/homepages/scimar/
It's Olympic too ... [Aristotle, Apr 02 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I know that various groups try to foil foxhunts through various methods with varying degrees of success. The problem with this idea is that foxhunters might not have the activists qualms against using horses to ride away or simply shooting anyone who threatened them.   

       Besides, don't animal activists have bigger fish to fr... er, hug, than foxhunters?
centauri, Apr 02 2001

       Currently baked. UK Hunt Saboteurs aleady use violent and non-violent methods to harrass, obstruct and chase hunts.
Aristotle, Apr 03 2001

       And what have the Hunts done to deserve this ignominy?
beauxeault, Apr 03 2001

       UnaBubba: In theory, yes but it's a contraversial theory. I hold the view that continued Fox Hunting has preserved the fox in the British Countryside during times when other predators were exterminated or became extinct. However in the process "the welfare of the individual fox can be seriously compromised".   

       However this is a big can of worms and I will not risk opening it any further.
Aristotle, Apr 03 2001


       Only as it relates to th' economy.   

       Is that the response you were seeking?
beauxeault, Apr 03 2001

       well... im happy with the response
panthaz paradise, Apr 03 2001

       The foxhunters aren't going to appreciate paintballs to the face. I hear those little [illegitimate offspring] really hurt.
centauri, Apr 03 2001

       waugsqueke rules
edski, Apr 03 2001

       aristotle: now what about worm hunting?
technobadger, Apr 03 2001

       I don't know about worm hunting but worm charming is baked. Each competitor gets a random plot in the competition field and they have to get as many worms of the ground (without digging) as they can.
Aristotle, Apr 03 2001

       Soapy water will lure worms to the surface. Don't know why though.
brewmaster, May 29 2002

       Rationale for fox hunt hunting: the hunters are "The unspeakable in hot pursuit of the uneatable." -- Wilde. Why not irritate pasty-faced, toffy-nosed upper class twits on horseback? It has to be better than annoying the fox.
Noisybob, Dec 30 2002

       Amen to that.
a121509, Jun 04 2003


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