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come for the food, come again for the food, come again for the food, come aga...
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simple idea... add a little addictive "special ingredient" sprinkled into a burger or dissolved in a milkshake and customers will return again and again and again
panthaz paradise, Aug 06 2001

Addictive soda http://www.halfbake...ea/Addictive_20soda
Very similar idea in spirit. [egnor, Aug 06 2001]

Poppy Seeds http://www.mccormic...ctview.cfm/prid/434
I believe that almost all poppy seeds come from the opium poppy. I don't know if the pod may be addictive though. [EvoketheTiger, Aug 06 2001]


       And finding used syringes in your burgers would become the norm
Little_Crow, Aug 06 2001

       Baked, apparently.   

       "At least 92 restaurants in Luoyang, China, were shut down in August after they had been found by government inspectors to have been inserting opium pods and seeds into their dishes to addict customers to their food. Almost one ton of pods and seeds was confiscated. Officials became suspicious when they saw long lines of people waiting to get into some restaurants while neighboring restaurants were empty."   

       This has appeared in a Dave Barry column (which cites a 1991 AP dispatch) and many places elsewhere. The authoritative Urban Legends websites don't seem to address this one, either to confirm it or debunk it.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 06 2001

       Seems like there's a fair number of sci-fi readers in the 'Bakery. Does anyone remember the novel (probably '50s or '60s) wherein a foodstuff is sold containing, as I recall, a non-intoxicating but addictive alkaloid, keeping the customers continually coming back for more? I'm thinking Frederic Pohl, maybe...
snarfyguy, Aug 07 2001

       This is one of the risks that we face if we were to legalise currently illegal drugs. The pressure would be too great to include addictive ingredients into food as we have already seen with sugar and salt.   

       Judge Dredd had the Umpty Candy storylines about a sweet so addictive that even electronic analysers asked for more when they sampled it. In a Mega-City where even cofee and Synthi-Cafe (a replacement for coffee that was found to be additictive) are banned Umpty Candy had to go ...
Aristotle, Aug 07 2001

       I've been offered crack plenty of times at KFC in Brixton, but I'm afraid it wasn't by the staff. This reminds me a bit of that cheesetastic film - prayer of the rollerboys.
stupop, Aug 07 2001

       Don't they stick monosodium glutamate in their food in all these fast food chains? Makes you want to eat more - hence the "Once you pop you can't stop" Pringles phenomenon. Not strictly addictive, but it means you'll be likely to eat more product in any one sitting.
-alx, Aug 07 2001

       "Would you like a regular Coke, or a large Coke?"
"Just the gramme please."
Guy Fox, Aug 07 2001

       There is a classic tale of McDonalds and coke-dealing in the UK.   

       The police discovered that McDonalds tea and coffee stirrers were being used by coke dealers because they pefectly weighed out a certain measurement and were easier to carry than micro-scales. It got to the point where carrying a McDonalds stirrer was accepted as evidence of potential involvement in drug dealing. To counter this McDonalds replaced their small spoon endings on their stirrers with a flat spatula end.   

       I actually spotted the change-over along with this explanation in the UK broadsheets.
Aristotle, Aug 07 2001

       Wonder if the guys that make Smarties know what the lids are used for?
Guy Fox, Aug 07 2001

       It's Nestle, so it's not beyond the realms of the imaginable.
-alx, Aug 07 2001

       "What size cup do you want your Coke in?"   

       "Just a lid will do."
EvoketheTiger, Aug 07 2001

       <begging>...aw, c'mon, johnny. can't i just owe you this one time please? i promise i'll do anything...anything for a hit of big mac...</begging>
mihali, Aug 07 2001


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