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My goal is to have the earth orbit me. http://www.RolnikIPLaw.com

[Aug 23 2001, last modified Jun 30 2009]
(+1, -2) Anderson Clone War
(-2) Blue light special
(+1, -5) Cool Earth
(-3) Cool moon
 Dismembered hand
 Dogs-eye view
(+5, -2) Figure-head harness driving
(+9, -2) Halbakery Dozen Patent Citations
 Immortal Halfbakers
(+1, -2) IQ/age discriminator
(+13, -7) Kidnap the moon
(+2, -1) Luggage
(+3, -11)(+3, -11) Non-suicidal bombers
(+4, -3) Plane of Laser light
(+1, -6)(+1, -6) Ring around the Earth
 Segway hitch-hiking
 Segway this!
(+1) Small space tug
(+6, -2) Squid-Phone
(+4, -2) Swiss-army Phone
(+2, -1) The REAL cold war.
 Theater seat beartrap
 Website Antipodes

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