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Radio controlled, motorized luggage
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Why should moving your luggage be like a trip to Gold's Gym? Take ordinary radio-control car technology, attach a hitch, and have the car tow the luggage! For kicks, you can have smash-up derbies in front of the check-in desk. Who said air travel had to be boring.
pathetic, Aug 23 2001


       They're usually concerned about the "bomb" part, not the "radio-controlled" part.   

       But it would take a lot of concentration to steer, and it would be likely to tip over, and the mechanism would make it doubly heavy when you do need to pick it up.   

       Isn't this what skycaps are for?
egnor, Aug 23 2001

       Small, mobile, sniffs butts? Why not just get a little dog, train it *really* well, and strap a suitcase to one of those vest things you see on little old ladies' pooches.
sdm, Aug 23 2001


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