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Segway this!

Unobtrusive Mobile Breezeway Redundant Express Leverage Launching Apparatus
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You've been taking a city tour using your new Segway. Suddenly, you discover that its down to 10% of its batteries (and no spare available). Fortunately, you have a mild wind blowing in the general direction of home AND you have the latest U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A.

The UMBRELLA has a clasp that permits it to be attached to a helmet such that the main post is now horizontal, providing a cup-shaped, wind-catching apparatus in front of the user. Why a helmet support? Because to drive a Segway, you need both hands on the handlebars. A small counter-weight may be necessary on the backside of the helmet. Necessarily, some portions of the UMBRELLA must be transparent in order to aid navigation.

The Segway could then run on 'fumes' while its computers would continue to provide balancing capability. Some regeneration of the batteries may be capable through regenerative braking.

Alternate apparatus might fasten the UMBRELLA to the Segway's handlbars.

To assist in removing slow, or errant, pedestrians, a large spring may be mounted on the leading-edge 'post', thus avoiding the embarrasment of a full speed poke.

pathetic, Feb 09 2003

Skatewing http://www.skatewin...ages_geom/toby2.jpg
Something similar to the Skatewing attached to the steering post might be a more effective means of alternative propulsion for your Segway than a helmet-mounted umbrella. The Skatewing folds down into soft-sided tube, not much larger than an archer's quiver or two folded umbrellas, when not in use. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       I would think that a Skatewing (link) would be easier to adapt for this purpose, but neither the Skatewing nor Umbrella you suggest are going to be popular accoutrements on crowded sidewalks.
jurist, Feb 09 2003

       //Alternate apparatus might fasten the UMBRELLA to the Segway's handlbars.//
I would recommend this, as the helmet attachment alternative seems likely to cause severe neck injuries during wind gusts.
krelnik, Feb 10 2003

       I dunno, I just have to give a croissant for the acronym.
RoboBust, Feb 10 2003

RoboBust, Feb 13 2003


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