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Segway hitch-hiking

gimme a lift
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Requirements: 1 Segway; 1 bungee cord; 1 skateboard; and 2 jack-asses

Segway is operatively coupled to bungee cord; Bungee cord is dynamically interacting with skateboard.

Segway driver always balances perfectly. Skateboarder-in-tow must use nervous-system inertial guiadance system to flex achilles heels and other ankle muscles to appropriately modulate speed, trajectory and braking.

Under ideal circumstances, skateboarder travels at approx. same speed as Segway. Under sub-optimal circumstances, we get a lovely tangle between pedestrian, Segway pilot and skateboarder.

Airbags optional.

pathetic, Feb 28 2003

Adult Tricycle http://www.walmart....ath=0%3A4125%3A4178
Under $300 at Walmart.com [roby, Oct 17 2004]


       Might be more interesting if you replace the segway with a speed-boat.
pottedstu, Feb 28 2003

       Suggested category: Public: Transportation.
snarfyguy, Feb 28 2003

       This prompts a thought: what if a Segway has two people on it and one leans one way and the other the other...?
DrCurry, Feb 28 2003

       Doc: Based on what I read in "a brief history of time" either all of space-time would collapse, or dean kamen would wear someting other than all denim.
notme, Mar 01 2003

       This sounds only kinda fun, but at $4995 (at Amazon.com) for the propulsion vehicle, not very high on the bang for your buck.
I suggest a less expensive but equally dorky looking front end--perhaps a large tricycle?
(see link)
roby, Mar 01 2003

       Increase entertainment value if you can get a clown to ride the tricyle.
roby, Mar 01 2003


       <aside>I have had the pleasure of riding a Segway. It is weird but it is pretty remarkable, too. It comes as close to anticipating your intents as any machine I've ever got to play with except for maybe a Globe Swift.
bristolz, Mar 03 2003


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