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...umm there's a squid on your shoulder
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Mobile phones have such a dazzling array of covers and styles. Why not make one shaped like a squid? One appendage could hold the microphone. Another could hold your earpiece. You could wear it on your shoulder -- perhaps by adding some stiffness to other legs... much like the mouldability of pipe-cleaners. If you need something to improve the appearance of your head, you could wear it on your head, as, e.g. a hair substitute. Wearing the squid as a necklace could be nice too. The possibilities are endless.
pathetic, Oct 03 2001


       I think you could wear your normal mobile phone as a necklace. While it might be fun lugging a 6 foot long cephalopod around for a while, it could get a little bit tiring, especially as the replacement for a 105 x 24 x 40 mm mobile phone. Perhaps there is something more bulky we could use this idea for.   

       I have it! Fill the bulb of the squid with alcoholic liquor or tea, and you and your friends can drink out of the tentacles. We could call it an "Octopot" (plural Octopotti, like Latin vir (man), plural viri, almost.)
pottedstu, Oct 03 2001

       [pottedstu]: I think you're thinking of the 80~s mobile 'giant squid' phone. (with separate battery pack)   

       I envisiage this squid to be of a more delecate proportioned variety.
st3f, Oct 03 2001

       I'll be happy to buy the first one off the production line. This also solves the problem of how to combine your car charger, wall wart, headset, PC link and arial jack. And there's still 5 legs to go. Perhaps the squid body could actually be a docking station that you would plug your (googley eyed?) cell phone into.
tenhand, Oct 05 2001

       Can one of the tentacles hold my wallet in a death grip so tight that not even the most dedicated mugger could pry it loose?
tminus12, Oct 05 2001

       Brilliant! I am envisioning a cute little plush toy with a velcro-closed flap on the back of its body. Inside is a docking station for a standard low-profile mobile phone. Tentacles could be just long enough to give the wearer a good hug around the neck with two of them, reach under the arm with another pair, and use two more to hug the chest and back. The two remaining tentacles contain the microphone and speaker, of course. Slightly stiff wire makes each hold its pose.   

       Later models could take on a sinister look (maybe black vinyl) and appeal to the teenagers who like the punk/grunge/whatever look.
BigBrother, Oct 05 2001

       Ooooooooooooh! I like the sound of that. I'm thinking that it should have a nice kinda smooth texture to it, and be able to come in all variety of colours (maybe even a colour change ability?)
kaz, Oct 06 2001

       How about one that looks like the little doohickey from Alien? And if you're not wearing it when the phone rings, it tries to jump onto your shoulder?
sadie, Oct 31 2002

       When you said "wearing it", I wasn't sure at first if you meant perched on your shoulder or clamped over your face. It would perhaps be possible to make calls using the latter arrangement, though probably not advisable to use this particular hands-free setup whilst driving.
sild, Oct 31 2002


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