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scuba diving, rock climbing 35 year-old kid

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Aug 25 2007]
 a pew with a view
(+7, -3) Anger management
 Baby carousel
(+5) Balloon cap
(-2) Bottled Berg
(+1) Bouncy castles!
 Bring on the new ice age!
(+1) Container-wing
 Cross sport olympics
(-1) Hoover skates
(+3, -1) Hooversub
(+15, -4)(+15, -4) Illustration icon
(+1) Kevlar Umbrella
(+4) Oceanic wind turbines
(+1) Planetary meteor protection
 R/C vac
 Sky painting
 Soda Slurpee
(+4) Speed-o-cam
 Variable down force

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