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Baby carousel

Swiveling baby seats (Previous title- saving babies (yet) again)
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Ever put a baby into a baby seat? Ever been frustrated at the contortions you have to put yourself through to reach the neccesary seat belt, clips, etc.?

No longer will you have to suffer! This new swiveling baby seat will put an end to your chiropractor bills.

Simply release the locking mechanism turn the baby seat to face you and attend to the little person as they lovingly stare up at you in wonder of the technical marvel you have brought into both of your lives!

Seat comes with an automatic spring loaded return/catch. A second position locking point can be provided if testing shows it to be neccasary or a good idea.

scubadooper, Aug 17 2004


       My nephew has a car seat that can easily be removed as a carry cot by 2 catches (that he cannot reach)!. The seat can also be swivelled by 90Degrees to facilitate strapping in the little darling.
Are these not widely known to exist?
gnomethang, Aug 17 2004

       //Are these not widely known to exist?//   

       Not by me which is why I've posted, however if others say they know of them I'll gladly rescind.
scubadooper, Aug 17 2004

       Does it swivel by 90° towards the door? Have you got a name/link?
scubadooper, Aug 17 2004

       Yes, I remember when the little turds wouldn't sit in the car seat. They'd put their feet down, kick, scream, grab anything they could to avoid having to sit in there...it usually works if you just scream back at them. Sometimes they'll buckle themselves if you do it just right. [+]
destructionism, Aug 17 2004

       Let me have a Google [scuba], failing that , I will call my bro tomorrow.
gnomethang, Aug 17 2004

       I'm sorry I just deleted someones anno by mistake it went along the lines of //why are there so many ideas about babies in the car section today// I believe it was by [energy guy]???   

       Anyway what I was trying to say when I erased said anno was: I was inspired by the ideas of others
scubadooper, Aug 17 2004


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