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Anger management

Breakable shells, for those moments when you've just got to destroy something
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The build up's not slow, one moment you're sane the next Mr Hyde has reared his ugly head and is in full control. The blood is pumping and the pressure in your head is ready to blow your eyeballs out of their sockets, how the *^!$ do they know how to drive you so crazy? BREAK something! Got to BREAK SOMETHING!! BREAK SOMETHING NOW!!!

It's strange how a sound and usually rational person can so quickly turn into a monster. It's also amazing how quickly breaking something can transform you straight back to a sane member of society.

Now you can get that satisfying release in convenient, baseball sized clay shells. These slip formed, unfired shells are designed to shatter on impact, do not throw at delicate objects.

(infinitely better than foam bricks, 'cause they break, which is quite useful for the business plan as well)

scubadooper, Nov 13 2004


       I was thinking you were going to describe a person-shaped shell you could break out of to reveal the pent-up monster inside. I'd've croissanted that.   

       What you've described is just flower-pots. (Well, actually, it's the cups chai-wallahs sell chai in, but you may not have been to India and seen one.)
DrCurry, Nov 13 2004

       more ape-like tendencies eh DrC?   

       Pop psychs listen up, the most satisfying throw I ever had, and possible the only, was when I took the poinsettas my mother gave me for Christmas one year, and threw them against a tree. (she wasn't around at the time)   

       I wonder what that could mean?
dentworth, Nov 13 2004

       Poinsettias are the ultimate guilt gift, because, whatever you do, they will die. And the tree is a sturdy stand-in for your mother. So, in smashing that plant against the tree, you were rejecting your mother’s guilt...but, heck, you already knew that.
pluterday, Nov 13 2004

       Love it! thanks [pluterday]
dentworth, Nov 13 2004

       [DrC] yep, just like Cahi-walah cups, though more expensive, as I've found through extensive research (I canvased myself) that the stress relief is directly related to the expense of the item broken.   

       Ah, Poinsettia's, never had one, never bought one for anybody (he says in a smug self satisfied way)
scubadooper, Nov 13 2004

       You want to start a business with a target market of very angry people? Make sure it's net based and not on the high street!
wagster, Nov 13 2004

       Smells like a 'trap'.
Shz, Nov 13 2004

       Hey [UB] we could even come up with some kinda device that flings them into the air for you
scubadooper, Nov 13 2004

       I'd rather just take my Uzi and fire at any random ol' thing--er, I mean, uh,...Hey, what Uzi?!? I don't have an Uzi! haha, uh, ha!   

       Breaking stuff must be a great anger release. I've never tried it, I like my stuff too much. Now, if I had those little clay baseballs...
Machiavelli, Nov 15 2004

       For anyone stuck at work without recourse to [scubadooper]'s shells, try picking up your computer mouse and trying to crush it. It will make a satisfying "plastic under considerable strain" creaking noise, and you will improve your grip strength no end. I'm convinced I'm just a few psi away from shattering the little bastard.
DocBrown, Nov 15 2004

       I have one of those floppy wrist-wrests at my computer which is just great for picking up and beating the desk with. Makes a really satisfying smacking sound.   

       Also good for stress relief - kneading dough. You can chuck that about a fair bit too.
lyserge, Nov 15 2004

       And end up with a delightfully tasty treat :)
scubadooper, Nov 15 2004

       Mmm. I've thought it would be fun to roll my car, but silly designers put the airbags inside so the shell gets ruined. Back to the drawing board.
reensure, Nov 16 2004

       That's OK [UB], just take good care of that mouse and one day you'll be in charge of the rabbits!
DocBrown, Nov 16 2004


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