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Illustration icon

A tiny little Mona Lisa to sit beside idea titles, visible on the recent list
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I love seeing the illustrations the FarmerJohn et al come up with, and would love to be able to see which ideas are illustrated on some of the main pages.
scubadooper, Mar 20 2005


       Verra gud!
DesertFox, Mar 20 2005

       Yes! Bread
etherman, Mar 21 2005

       Hmmm, interesting to see that no-one who boned it gave a reason.
scubadooper, Mar 24 2005

       Farmer John *is* an illustration icon! [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 24 2005

       This may result in illustrated ideas being given a greater exposure, forcing other ideas down within whatever view or filter a user is, er, using. It might also upset the carefully maintained aesthetic of the overview and recent views.
calum, Mar 24 2005

       Yes, valid issues
scubadooper, Mar 24 2005

       I did not vote this idea down, though I should say that were it implemented I would, if possible, elect to filter the icon from my views.
calum, Mar 24 2005

       Any true halfbaker will read them all anyway, icon or not. + from me.
phundug, Mar 24 2005

       If this were done at all it would be best, in my opinion, if it were confined to just an extra parameter in the views setup as opposed to an icon.
bristolz, Mar 24 2005

       does anyone illustrate anymore? :(
simonj, Mar 03 2009

       I've been dragging my feet on this. Technical quality, personality, sense of humor - it seems inevitable that any new illustrator will end up compared to bristolz and losing.
jutta, Apr 20 2009

       Sometimes a sketch does help. I'm fully aware that mine are crap, but it can be very difficult to explain an idea without a diagram. I empathise with the respect for [bristolz] though.
There's nothing to stop people posting links to their own pictures, is there?
nineteenthly, Apr 20 2009

       Of course not.
jutta, Apr 20 2009

blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

       Most patents without illustrations would be halfbaked.   

       Halfbakery used as a search term in uspto got 93 hits.   

       "Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for: halfbakery: 93 patents. Hits 1 through 50 out of 93 "   

       They used to require working models.
popbottle, Jun 10 2014

       No doubt it's part of the prior art search that's undertaken to determine if an invention is original or not. An idea posted on the Halfbakery could very well prevent someone from patenting something similar in the future.   

       It'd be sort of amusing to come up with a few ideas that are reasonably practical with a fairly broad scope of application, and give them obscene titles in the hopes that one of them ends up in a patent application for all eternity.
ytk, Jun 11 2014


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