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Crazy, do not approach, no really, I am, quite bonkers... But listen, I have this idea......

oh and an email address solomungus@yahoo.com

Pass the tequila and I'll tell you all about, and other harebrained schemes...

[Apr 03 2001, last modified May 20 2005]

(+10, -2)(+10, -2) 4 day working week
 Active ozone replacement
(+2, -3) Aeroplane Hijack button
(-1) Auto-bath bed
(+28, -3)(+28, -3)(+28, -3) Communist Pool Hierarchy
(+8, -1) Feelgood Flu
(+35, -1)(+35, -1)(+35, -1) Foam Afros for toddlers
(+2, -1) Inflatable hat
 Just right sleeping bag
 Video; Time and date

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