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Video; Time and date

A video which set's it's clock from teltext
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Not sure how universal teletext is, but in the UK all the terestial channels have associated teletext pages, these all contain the time and date in the corner, do I really need to set my video clock again????? afterall the clock is only signifcant as function of the video if it's to be used to record programs at certain times, therefore if they are to be recorded then it follows that they must have been tuned in - in advance... makes sense eh?
solomungus, Apr 22 2001


       Utterly baked. Most modern VCRs will set their time based on time signals. (In the US, they're usually transmitted on PBS stations; I'm not sure if it's using the closed-caption system, or what.)
egnor, Apr 22 2001

       Pretty much all current VCR's have an autoset fuction where they get the time from the tv signal. Most now tune themselves in as well, looking for the strongest signals and using the same method to allocate channel numbers.
CasaLoco, Apr 23 2001

       ditto all of the above, plus mine automatically adjusts for BST and GMT.
DrBob, Apr 24 2001


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