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4 day working week

er... 3 day weekend, need I say more?
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Solve the unemployment problem and de-stress the world... (or something) 3 day weekends, ahhh much better... etc
solomungus, Apr 08 2001

Tiersemaines http://www.brightid...E-BECF-7918BDF5217F
Demiminibats, etc. [LoriZ, Apr 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The "lump-of-labour" Fallacy http://www.expressi...71103/30755253.html
[Monkfish, Apr 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Or is it an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy? http://www.indsoc.c...r%20Country%201.htm
[Monkfish, Apr 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Definately baked, as I'm doing it right now...
StarChaser, Apr 08 2001

       I hear that when the UK tried this in the 70s productivity went up...
Gimp, Jun 08 2001

       I could manage with just monday mornings off. Time to adjust after the weakend.
RobertKidney, Jun 08 2001

       The French have just tried this to cut unemployment. It is now illegal in France to work more than 35 hours a week. It's a stupid idea because it's based on the fallacy that highly-skilled people are equally represented among the unemployed and the employed.
hippo, Jun 08 2001

       The result would be you would get paid for 3 days, but would have to work late (which you wouldn't get paid for) all 3 days to get the work done.
CasaLoco, Jun 08 2001

       I much prefer the idea of decreasing unemployment by inviting people to join the idle rich...
baf, Jul 28 2001

       I work 4 10-hour days, and it's kind of nice. Not much free time on workdays, but the long weekends are nice. Wouldn't global 10-hour days also facilitate doing business in more-distant time zones, inasmuch as you would have more overlap in working hours?
Dog Ed, Jul 28 2001

       My brother works 12-hour days, four on then four off. He loves it. The first off-day is for recovery only, then he gets a long 'weekend'.
angel, Jul 31 2001

       What are we waiting for and how can we forward this idea? Voting on a site isn't going to change the world. Let's think of some action we can do. March on Downing Street with a petition? Get some publicity somehow? We don't need to do 4x10 hour days. If our working hours are 35 and we have on half an hour for lunch (legal requirement), that's 37.5.
kateme, Mar 23 2002

       At my place of work we have an AWW (alternate work week) option. You can work nine hours Monday through Thursday and then eight every other Friday. The other Fridays are days off. We also cut off the pay period at "mid-shift" on Friday. This forces the odd schedule into 40 hour weeks. (Friday afternoon=4 hours, Monday-Thursday=9 hours each, Friday morning=4 hours; grand total=40 hours) There is a problem in that we are not all on the same schedule. Some people are off on one Friday and others are off on the next Friday. Some losers like me work a traditional schedule. There are people that work four "10's" as we say (like Dog Ed) and get every Friday off. Friday is the best day to get actual work done because only half of the people are around to bother you. Also, they don't call or schedule meetings or "stop by" because they don't know if you'll be in or not.
migennes, Sep 10 2002

       Survey question:   

       Which do you prefer? 32 hour week, $20K annual pay or 40 hour week, $25K annual pay?   

       Same question, more pay: 32 hours, $40K or 40 hours, $50K?   

       How much pay does it take before you'll choose the 32 hour week?
ThotMouser, Sep 22 2002

       Work 'w&rk (n): 1 : activity in which one pretends to exert strength or faculties to do or perform something, while really posting on the Halfbakery and other forums
BinaryCookies, Sep 22 2002

       You know I had this idea a number of years ago when I worked in apticular job,it made blinding SENSE a 3 DAY WEEk, split te work among the many,lighten the load pay the same lots more timeoff to enjoy life. The idea we have to earn a living is truly immoral and wrong so we are all victioms of history.
Christian_Aqua, Aug 25 2004

       It would be very hard to do in a project driven environment.
bristolz, Aug 25 2004


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