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Feelgood Flu

Bioengineered variant of influenza/cold virus which makes you feel great
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Why do all illnessess make you feel crap? can't those clever cloggs up in the medical industry develope an ailment which rather than making you feel like birdcage scrapings, makes you feel like you've been on the party pills... Think of the fun you could have giving your germs to the local 'sort' up the boozer...

"Come here love, It's ok, I'm still contagious..."

solomungus, Apr 06 2001


       Then you could throw a party where you cough on everyone and make a social disease of it.
sirrobin, Apr 06 2001

       It's the flu they call Dr. Feelgood....
pnewp, Apr 06 2001

       Right, because medical researchers spend all their time making *diseases* instead of ways to cure them...   

       But seriously. There are drugs and bugs whose effects make you feel euphoric, manic, or intoxicated. Alcohol, marajuana, LSD, opiates... to name a few. And sepsis can make people have the same sort of confusion, disorientation, and sense of well being that some drugs do (though usually you feel like crap). Of course, if you're septic, you're also likely to DIE... minor detail!
djanaba, Apr 08 2001

       You mean yours don't already? What's wrong with them?
Rant93, Aug 01 2001

       I remember one time I had a bad fever. I started hallucinating, It sucked at the time but in retrospect, that was a crazy trip, just as good as drugs anyway, so I give this one a +.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       I think it already exist as a gentic defect rather than a Virus. It seems to be most common in metro areas and is somehow activated when one gets behind the wheel of a car. At least in the area that i live everyone on the road is stoned out of their mind.
dlapham, Jan 31 2006

       There are illnesses that make you feel good. The manic pole of bipolar disorder, for example.   

       What the heck is "dinosaur flu," Ian?
bristolz, Jan 31 2006

       Take two spoons of this Pteradactyl syrup and call me in the morning.....
Minimal, Feb 01 2006

       Aren't chickens prehistoric creatures?
bristolz, Feb 01 2006


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