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Auto-bath bed

A nice bath to wake you up
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I for one find the act of escaping my pit a tricky and ardious task and dream of the day when I can awake from my slumber with a permanent but strangly welcome shock.. I refer, of course, to the technical wonder of the trap door bed, which is a bed which opens in the middle dropping you into a pre-run bath (timer based) thus forcing youto wake up and incorprating a pleasing hygene scenario. a deluxe model could incorporate a teasmaid, ahh bliss
solomungus, Apr 15 2001

dissolving pajamas http://www.halfbake...issolving_20pajamas
Your wish is my command. [egnor, Apr 15 2001]

(?) History of the Automatic Tea Maker http://www.teasmade.com/history1.htm
Teasmaid, teasmade. "As far as functionality is concerned one thing that attracts me to these beasts is their British oddity. Firstly they mix mains electricity and hot water in what could be a risky manner and secondly their alarm function, whilst heroic (irritating buzz and blinding light) is wasted since you have probably been awakened by the asthmatic boiling function in any case." [jutta, Apr 15 2001]


       I suppose you're supposed to sleep in the nude? Or a bathing suit? Or wear dissolving PJs?
egnor, Apr 16 2001

       "Dissolving PJs" ...someone post that idea!
PotatoStew, Apr 16 2001

       Was he ever?   

       What's a teasmaid?
StarChaser, Apr 17 2001

       A timer-driven teapot, I think.
egnor, Apr 17 2001

       Could the bed shower one, I hate bathing because I can never get out...I get into a sort of coma. Please can it start with a warm misty breeze; a soap cycle; a refreshing rinse; and scented blow dry. On mondays a freezing shower to the tune of "what shall we do with the drunken sailor" sung in a Scottish accent to the accompyment of bagpipes may be needed.
peterpeter, Nov 10 2002


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