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Just right sleeping bag

Temperature regulating sleeping bag
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In initally I thought of this idea for babies sleeping bags, but on reflection I decided it'd be just as suitable for all sleeping bags, basically the idea is this: You have standard sleeping bag which is modified so that there is a vent at the bottom. A thermostat inside the sleeping bag can open the vent if the temp rises past a user specified level, and can close it if it falls below it. The TOG rating of the bag could be slightly higher than usuall to help it warm up quickly and if appropriate a low power fan could come on in the vent to assist in the cooling if required. It'd probably only need a couple of AA batteries run and could make that camping out experience just a little bit more comfortable.
solomungus, May 20 2005


       Well, I don't much like drafts. But, I like camping and bieng comfortable.
daseva, May 20 2005

       Exothermic beads.
Detly, May 20 2005

       Does TOG stand for anything? I can't think what but it sounds like an abbreviation.   

       Been away for a while [solomungus]?
hidden truths, May 20 2005

       apparently //Tog is a measure of thermal resistance, commonly used in the textile industry, and often seen quoted on duvets. A tog is 0.1 m2K/W. Another unit of thermal resistance is the clo, equal to 1.55 togs//   

       personally I think it has to do with the slang word for clothes - togs
po, May 20 2005

       if u can make it turn very slowly like a rotisserie as i sleep, then i may be interested in owning one.
benfrost, May 21 2005

       Shorley the Tog is named after Pippin's furry companion?
Basepair, May 21 2005


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