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illegal, culturally-mandated, unobscured drugs commercials.. imagine you're unaware of the existence of any drug, are not familiar with the concept, you can't conceive the idea of free pleasure, but, suddenly, you feel the need for *something extra*

my idea of illegal commercials is strongly connected to the "free speech" amendment and the fact that plain knowledge of drugs' existence and associated effects / consequences just isn't a strong enough incentive for someone to get hooked. therefore, I propose for large-scale production of drug commercials sponsored by local drug-lords. The main objective is for the dealers to introduce new type of drugs to established clientele, as well as to prospects who don't use drugs, don't want to, and have no specific information on the subject. It would sound like "new X, now with strawberry energy flavor" or "blue heroin - no chance of overdose"; something along those lines. The ads could also involve stars who, given an easy-obtainable but respectable amount of money, will publicly state their addiction, on stage or during interviews. Imagine Britney, after the release of her <I don't know how many>'th album say "hi, you know, I have a confession to make - big smiles - I'm on coke for 1 year now, and I feel so full of life !" of course, she wouldn't have to be for real, that's not necessary. The following police investigations would only add to the awareness though, and an eventual charge would just bring realism (Mariah Carey used to be caught stupidly carrying weed around..). most of Britney's fans would become junkies and so the drug-lords` investment would be profitable.

Now, if it were for us to think big, we should imagine films showing drug addicts find happiness, build a career, or any other important, non realistic fact you can think of.. or imagine paintings representing persons using drugs (young artists would do that) or music with drugs theme. hip hop artists rapping about drugs.. ahmm.. sorry... I think it's all already been baked...

[Aug 10 2004, last modified May 10 2024]

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