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Parallel Halfbakeries

The name has spoken for itself: Create an engine that automatically edits/selects different sets of ideas on the main page and different sets of interactions for each idea. Apply selection differently for each user.
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The reason I came up with this is the display-time on the main page has decreased considerably. The solution can only be generally relative. I would like a unique/randomly personalized navigation history to be there representing my preferences/annotations/ criticism I was addressed. This would be bakeable by coherently assigning interactions between users. I will make this post a starting point. Assume it would only appear on the main page for some randomly selected users and for others it would only be visible via <recent> and other secondary navigation controls. Assume all annotations would be structured in independent sets depending on the time at which certain users first see the idea. And that users belonging to those sets can only see their annotations and no other. This way, every user would get a totally different set of ideas / idea annotations to interact with. Buns/skeletons would add up of course, regardless the parallel bakery they come from.
sweet, Apr 23 2007


       device for preventing communication?
pertinax, Apr 23 2007

       sp. Parallel.   

       But I'm not following what you're after. You appear to be describing a personalized, computer-generated version of the Halfbakery. Of which, I completely fail to see the point.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2007

       gee thx for the [+] [<insert name of imaginary friend>]. I'm glad you like it.   

       <edit> oops, sorry guys, that was adressed to someone who I was talking to on another branch of this idea's evolution.</edit>
sweet, Apr 23 2007

       [Ian], [Dr], thx for waiting me finish editing my idea. You only read the header. Hello?
sweet, Apr 23 2007

       Well, it was my fault for not letting you know actually. I didn't do the same mistake on the other halfbakeries though..
sweet, Apr 23 2007

       The Halfbakery is not nearly as crowded as you think. Start sub-dividing it this way, and *no one* will get to see your precious ideas, or share their fishbones with you.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2007

       //The Halfbakery is not nearly as crowded as you think// That's what *you* think!
sweet, Apr 23 2007


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