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insufficient butterflies

animated butterflies that rise whithin an ATM screen instead of the dissapointing and dull "insufficient founds" message
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the summary pretty much says it all.. customized butterflies for each bank, and maybe a cloud behind could be customized for every card type;

the animation could also come to life subsequent to panic pin* enter.

*<thanks to no.1 idea on the bakery for not not being perfect>

sweet, May 20 2005


       Welcome to the Halfbakery!   

       By the way: sp: "insufficient funds" - the title had me confused for a bit! ;-)
moomintroll, May 20 2005

       having some money is positive enough [Ian]
sweet, May 21 2005

       Perhaps also a gathering of flowers while we are hippy-iising our ATM's.   

       Props on the first idea [sweet]. Confusing yet alluring title.
hidden truths, May 21 2005

       Come on. I'm stuck behind someone withdrawing $8 million to show butterflies to the kids? Bad enough they don't know their balance to the last $20 or can't read the instructions.
reensure, May 21 2005

       Arn't moths traditionally used for this purpose?
Loris, May 23 2005

       well, yes, the moths are the traditional image, but i thought butterflies are needed, since banking advertising involves positive images even when refering to a dramaticaly low cash-flow level.
sweet, May 23 2006


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