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menu sandwich

a sandwich that starts with appetizers, continues with main course with salad, and ends with desert
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I get the feeling that all sandwiches are somehow incomplete, and therefore, less satisfying.

imagine you taking a sandwich. first, you get the taste of appetizers (ham with a light sallad, some cheese and maybe eggs). after a few centimeters of that, comes a juicy steak with aother sallad and with sauces, or cheese, or some fried chips, whatever you asked for. then comes desert: the type of bread is no longer the same - the loaf is sweeter and more crispy and the filling could be just about any desert from fruit salad to chocolate donuts..

hope you'll enjoy it

sweet, Apr 15 2004


       hor dessert
FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2004

       ok, which corner do we start with?
po, Apr 15 2004

       I was never very good at geometry
po, Apr 15 2004

       Can I get mine with a few extra centimeters of steak and baked potato, please? I'm famished! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 15 2004

       eeeww, my chocolate pudding's got mixed in my spagetti sauce salad...
dentworth, Apr 15 2004

       [letsbuild], sure you don't want it four-dish sized ?
sweet, Apr 15 2004

corquando, Apr 15 2004

       I thought this was going to be a magical pre-meal sandwich that had the main menu written all over it.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 15 2004

       Mmmm..ribs with custard.+
skinflaps, Apr 15 2004

       Ask subway to do it. If they use the idea you get royalties and [po] doesn't have to worry about diagonals or corners. There are only two ends and the end with the cigar sticking out is the one you eat last.
kbecker, Apr 15 2004

       Edible cigar? Thats clinched it for me! +
Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004

       It was a great idea until I ordered Baked Alaska. +
sartep, Apr 16 2004

       The Cornish pasty was like this originally; meat and onions in one end, stewed fruit in the other. No soup or cigar though.
angel, Apr 16 2004


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