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co-creator of HWG author javascripter netscape employee

[Mar 05 2000]
(+3) auction protocol
(+1) auto-syndication
(+3) communal webspace
(+5) distributed alife network
(+3) dom browsing
(-2) emergency internet broadcasting
(+12)(+12) freelance webvideo
(+5) generative car music
(+6, -1) made to order mp3's
(+5) mp3pinions
(+7) non-verbal programming language
(+7) reactive tattoos
(+4) self-organizing newsgroups
(+2, -11)(+2, -11) universal site id #
(+17, -7)(+17, -7) virtual free disk space
(+5) web app protocol
(+4) website adoption service
(+3, -1) xml ai spec

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