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reactive tattoos

use your skin as a screen with special digital pigmentation
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Imagine you are late to work, you rush out the door and glance at your wrist - instead of a watch on your arm, you see the active pigments changing in a small part of your skin, just below the surface, which display the current date and time. I envision the technology used to make "paper displays" could be used on skin as well.
triptych, Mar 28 2000

electro tatoo http://www.halfbake.../idea/ElectroTattoo
similar to this, but self contained and functional [triptych, Mar 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Sure -- Push the third freckle and the watch becomes an instant messenger. Keep track of all of your appointments.   

       The next freckle activates the ActiveMap display. It ties into the GPS system so that you can always tell where you are.   

       Be careful of the scar. You push the scar and it automatically switches to 220 volts which your wrist just can't handle.   

kent, Mar 28 2000

       Hmmm. It's Ok, but not that great.
verobay, Jul 11 2000

       Great Idea! That way I wouldn't have my pants constantly falling down from the weight of all my gadgets...(Cell phone, PDA, Pager, etc...)
amsmith170, Aug 08 2001

       Larry Niven, in one of his science fiction short stories, mentions an implantable watch, the LEDs (or analogous) of which show through the skin.
protean, Aug 08 2001

       I was looking into ways of doing this a couple of years ago. The main downfall is that most liquid crystal tech has rare earth metals in and tend to kill the skin around them. Best bet for display are the new bio-illumenesent plastics being researched.
dare, Aug 09 2001

       what if you went into another time zone?
ndroid, May 31 2003

       and leap years..cant foget leap years.
ndroid, May 31 2003

       daylight savings..
ndroid, May 31 2003

       ndroid - see the word *edit* hovering near your nic? Guess what it's for.
thumbwax, May 31 2003


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