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distributed alife network

Create a digital ecosystem which would allow any alife organism to exist
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Imagine in the spirit of Seti@home there was another search for life, only this one in the very computers doing the searching! Combine aspects of this idea: http://www.hip.atr.co.jp/~ray/tierra/tierra.html but much more open ended, and containing filters to keep bad alife elements from entering the system who are engineered to try to exploit it.

I envision something very high level like an earth simulator or something like an alife version of Unreal or Ultima Online.

triptych, Mar 28 2000

(?) http://www.hip.atr.co.jp/~ray/tierra/tierra.html http://www.hip.atr..../tierra/tierra.html
[triptych, Mar 28 2000]

(?) The Network Tierra Project http://www.obscurasite.com/tierra/
Don't just imagine it. Download it now! [egnor, Mar 28 2000]

GameAI http://www.gameai.com
See the "Genisis" link - this sounds like what you're describing. [Scott_D, Mar 28 2000]

Avida http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avida
A simulation based on Tierra, but improved [FIREborn, Nov 19 2007]

Digital Organism http://en.wikipedia...ki/Digital_organism
This is related, and also, click on the link at the bottom called "Evolution@Home" [FIREborn, Nov 20 2007]


       Sell it with this slogan:
'On the network all the time? Get alife!'
pertinax, Aug 25 2006

       I've been toying with this idea for a while, too. Let's talk about this some more, triptych
FIREborn, Nov 19 2007

       Broken links.
MisterQED, Nov 19 2007


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