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freelance webvideo

service to set up live video stream for any event.
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It's a drag to get and install all that video and internet software for making a say "realvideo" stream of a live event. Instead say you contacted "webvideo" dot com who simply show up a few hours before the event and set up, just like a DJ only with video for the web.

Heh, they could stream barmitzfahs (sp?) or even amateur bands.

triptych, Mar 28 2000


       This is a good idea.   

       Bandwidth is the difficult factor, since the event promoter would need to assure bandwidth capable of doing the streaming.   

       Using a G4 running MacOSX Server and Quicktime Streaming Server connected via Airport to an iBook with a camera running Sorenson Broadcaster, one of the companies at a recent Macworld streamed live wireless footage.   

       I imagine it would only cost about $10k to put a setup together and one could charge companies about $3-4k per day (excluding bandwidth) to stream.
tomierna, Mar 28 2000

       I agree this is a good idea, but ... the hard part is selling it to budget conscious business people. The question is, “How does streaming audio and video effect the “Bottom Line” (profit)…now?” Any ideas?
yesh, May 21 2002


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