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[Aug 24 2002]
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) ACL - The All Chemical League
(-4) Arguments.com
(+4, -1) Cat Spatula
(+1) Coke/Pepsi Test Strip
 Croissant redesign
(+2, -4) Galvanic Mouse
(+6, -2) Halfbakery Inventiveness Average
(+2) Hoberman Diet Spheres
(+3, -1) KC-135 Water Tanker
(+6, -1) LawnNet
(+2, -5) Martian and Lunar Steel Mills
(+1, -3) Orbiting space tug with magnet
(-1) Panama Canal Insert
(+1) Satellite Radar Detector
(+9)(+9) Shaped and channeled parking lots
 Telescoping Microscope Helmet.
 The Slipper Sponge
 Tick collar for humans
 Tornado Saucer
 Tornado Tank
 Tornado Tracking Balloons
 TV Taste Cards
 Two Month Superstore

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