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An *easy* way to remove leaves from the lawn.
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When the grass stops growing, and no more mowing is required, spread the LawnNet across the yard. Made from strong monofiliment and spaced apart in two inch squares, sold in a variety of sizes. Spread net in high leaf falling area's and secure at perimiters with tent stakes with appropiate tension. With two people at opposite ends of the net pulling and working the net side to side, it will settle into the grassblades making it safe for pets and kids. When the trees are bare, gather up the corners, attach long length of rope, throw rope over tree branch and pull. Might have to use block and tackle and your car, but it could be great fun for the kids if you can surprise them.
ty6, Sep 11 2002


       When I first saw this idea, I thought it would be about networking lawns.   

       Wouldn't small backyard creatures such as possums, raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels get tangled up in such a contraption?
BinaryCookies, Sep 11 2002

       Possibly. If you stretch it really tight, and kind of work it into the grass, they shouldn't even notice it. If was loose and bunched up, yeah.
ty6, Sep 11 2002

       Tad pricey though.
ty6, Sep 12 2002

       This is better than burning smoky, leaf logs. Just roll this mound of leaves into a corner of the yard and in a year you've got rich, compost soil and the net's free for use again.
FarmerJohn, Sep 12 2002

       // Wouldn't small backyard creatures ........get tangled up in such a contraption ? //   

       Cats ! Cats !   

8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       Hey, that's my croissant!
FarmerJohn, Sep 12 2002

       // Wrap your croissant in plastic mesh, have a cat pee on it, burn it, and inhale the fumes. //   

       <averts head, vomits copiously>
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       I have a similar leaf gathering product in my yard, and the mesh is much finer -- it's called a "trampoline" :)   

       These nets will require special timing. You probably should put it down when the lawn goes dormant. And BEFORE the leaves start falling a lot, and leave it until they're finished. And pick it up before it freezes to the ground. Depending on your location, this could happen all in one day.   

       I like the idea, even though I'd need to unroll, spread out, and stake down this giant net, then pull it up with a crane, pick out all the twigs and cats, then dry it out, repair it and pack it up, every year. At least I don't hafta (half-ta?) rake the yard.
Amos Kito, Sep 14 2002

       the problem with my lawn anyway is that i have cool-season growing grass, which grows a lot just as the leaves are falling.   

       but how about a tree-attached, trunk to top net that catches the leaves? then when they've all come off you lower the net and you've got every last leaf, including the ones that otherwise would be all over your neighbor's lawn?
miriamsong, Sep 14 2002


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