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TV Taste Cards

Zagat type rating system.
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In America, their are 789 food programs on television, and 458 on air personalities running around sampling dishes from the world's restaurants. They are running out of ways to say, "This tastes sooo good!", or, "Hmm, that is so incredibly delicious!" Etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. No way in the world would they say, " It's only so-so, it just doesn't suit my tastes, sorry." They can take a Taste Card, numbered 1-10, and display it for the camera only, for an accurate indication of their opinion. They can do this with their mouth's full, and save them the effort of trying act like they have just reached Nirvanna from a spoonful of peach compote.
ty6, May 28 2003


       There are plenty of honest reviewers out there.   

       Applying Zagat's standards to TV shows would really just count as a "me too", but the system you describe has nothing in common with Zagat's communal approach to rating restaurants. Except maybe the restaurants.
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       I'm just glad they don't say how the ass tastes.
waugsqueke, May 28 2003

       How is 1-5 more accurate than 1-10?
thumbwax, May 28 2003

       Dr. Curry is correct about that Zagat thing. I figured by using that word, it would provide the summary with a little more verve and panache.
ty6, May 28 2003

       Why dont you just do it Roman Emperor style and use your opposable digit?
joker_of_the_deck, May 28 2003


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