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Brightly colored nesting material.
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It's bare trees time in the northern hemisphere, exposing the clumps of leaves and twigs that are squirrel nests. To retain some of the color of Autumn, liberally spread piles of artifical leaves around your grounds. Made to have the same feel of real leaves, they have the same colors; redder reds, orangier oranges, yellower yellows, and will not fade. Also included are twigs, string and cotton like material for the birds. A little bit a selling will have to be done, but if you can get that first family to change over to the superior qualities of FallenLeaves, others might be inclined to follow suit, keeping up with Jones' in the squirrel world, you have to appeal to their squirrel nature, to be the first one's on the block. " Look how pretty their nest looks, why don't you get some of those FallenLeaves, they're free!" After a spell, the trees will be alive with squirrel nest ornaments.
ty6, Nov 26 2002

(?) Come here, ant! http://lostkartoon....om/antaardvark4.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Do you have to use an artificial rake to pick them back up again? Are they biodegradable? These are the questions that haunt my mind...
phoenix, Nov 26 2002

       Just paint the grass red.
dalek, Nov 26 2002

       Cover your lawn with hundreds of LCD screens and display a picture of a leaf on each. You will be able to adjust leaf genus, color, etc., on the leaf simulator software that comes bundled with it.
bristolz, Nov 26 2002

       Get the snow-resistant LCDs.
bristolz, Nov 26 2002

       wow Bliss, you seem awfully worried about the weather. Fog, snow storms. Whats next blissmiss's anti tornado chain(tm)? :)
TBK, Nov 26 2002

       Blizzard of the century tomorrow, the whole northeast will be shutdown, I'm leaving tonight, Via con Dios, hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, nothing to fear but......
ty6, Nov 26 2002

       nothing to fear but ......fallen leaves
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       And of course Boris, the enormous pink anteater who follws me everywhere and that only I can see.
8th of 7, Nov 27 2002

       British commuters are used to having hours of fun reminding each other of the rail companies' various excuses for poor service. In the autumn a common excuse is 'leaves on the line'.   

       Cast aside any queries about planning, simple snowplough-like attachments or rescheduling. Instead marvel at the information officer who felt he couldn't blame it on any old leaves and still maintain credibility; he blamed it on the *wrong sort of leaves*.
Ludwig, Nov 27 2002


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