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Hoberman Diet Spheres

Alternative to gastric bypass surgery/stomach stapling.
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Insert small Hoberman Sphere into the stomach to create mass and reduce food intake. Can be collapsed for removal. Method of insertion will be similar to inserting a cow magnet into a cow's stomach. Inexpensive, reversible, and not life altering, you just won't be able to eat all that much.
ty6, Dec 01 2002

Just the ticket http://christmas-jo...ipes/chrpudding.htm
Put one of these indigestible objects in there. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Baked - er, maybe roasted or something http://www.marriedt.../gastric-bypass.gif
[normzone, Jul 10 2007]


       ty6, did I send you an email with my scratch notes for future ideas somehow by mistake?? No kidding, I typed the following description up just last night:   

       //Ball cock float for non-invasive effort-free satiety. Flexible teflon ball expands with air pressure from small tube after device is swallowed...//   

       Think of the money insurance companies would save, while more people benefited.
hollajam, Dec 01 2002

       They have done this already, I don't know if it had bad side effects like ulcers, but I haven't heard about it in a while.
carjug4, Dec 01 2002

       What stops it from plugging up the egress? Maybe it floats or something?
egnor, Dec 01 2002

       the stomach would just get even bigger...what was it the shepherd did to all those sheep in "Far from the Madding Crowd"? <take no notice - I am rambling>
po, Dec 01 2002

       re:link ::::It is best if allowed to mature for at least two days before serving, but it can be made up to three months ahead.::::   


       Hollajam, I'll bet even money you recently saw a program about the gastric bypass operation. 2+2=5
ty6, Dec 01 2002

       ty6, no. I don't get broadcast TV nor do I have cable. ...Did I add incorrectly somewhere?   

       btw, who is collecting the even money?
hollajam, Dec 01 2002

       Glad we didn't shake on it HJ. Two plus two equals five is just a thing, made the rounds a while back. Literally speaking, yes it is four, but somehow a leap is made where it equals five, you can't explained it, it just does.
ty6, Dec 01 2002

       I thought you were going to put a tiny round dog in your stomach to rip food to shreds
thumbwax, Dec 01 2002


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