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Dressing gown

Lightweight, heated
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I saw an ad.for a feather-light, heated duvet, i.e. to spread on top of you, not underneath you as with an electric blanket.

So far so good: heating the person not the room I'm told, is an economical use of electricity in these days of soaring energy-prices.

But in the halfbaked department, I want more.

I want that heated duvet to be designed into a featherweight heated dressing gown as an alternative to the bulky woollen variety I spend a lot of time in to save running the central heating we don't have anyway.

Three points : 1. Fit aged folk don't seem to sleep much; 2. In equable climates people tend to endure the short cold spells by temporary measures rather than by doing anything serious about them; and 3. Any heated-garment design would need a walk-away-proof cable connection.{For a separate posting?]

rayfo, Jul 09 2001




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