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Heater for making your clothes warm in the morning.
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Canadian winters. You wake up, bundled in your warm comforter, only to subject your sleepy body to the discomfort of cold clothes. The clothes warmer can be a low-output heater in the shape of a mat. There can be temperature controls and a timer (to have it turn on, say, ten minutes before you wake up and warm up your clothes to 21C).
quanta, Mar 07 2000

Towel warmer http://www.warmrails.com/
Same idea, different application. [TickleMeElmo, Mar 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Hey, in my closet is a little closet heater connected to a timer. Works fine.
Alcin, Aug 12 2000

       And my central-air is on a timer, so putting my clothes on the heat vent works excellently well; the heat comes on a bit before I need to get up, and the clothes warm up with it.   

       I used to just take them to bed. That has the advantage of being able to get dressed in the warmth under the covers, and never expose skin to the freezing blast.
hello_c, Sep 06 2000

       [Admin: use [link].]
jutta, May 18 2001

       Why not just put the toaster down your pyjamas? The bread pops up right in front of you when its ready.   

       Perhaps a specially designed pair of breakfast pants - sitting beside your bed. You wake up, switch them on, activating the heating function. Enter two slices of bread, once on. Enlarged hip pockets contain margarine, jam, peanut butter and knife. Keeps you warm while breakfast is cooking.
benfrost, May 22 2001

       And I thought I was the first person to come up with this... [+]
Hunter79764, Nov 08 2006

       Just lay your clothes on the P4 containing CPU when bittorrent runs all night.
kamathln, May 21 2009


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