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Hot Pants

Clothes that warm up when subjected to sharp movements.
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You are cold so you shiver, peizofibre in your pants & vest absorb the kinetic energy to run current through heating fibres and BING! you're cooked.
darndog, Sep 26 2001


       I almost cast my croissant for the phrase 'piezofibre in your pants', but then realized how unworkable this idea was and sullenly decided to remain neutral.   

       I'll elaborate just slightly... piezo crystals produce marginal voltage and almost no amperage, so trying to convert the electricity to heat would not yield much at all, unless you used a REALLY BIG crystal and sat on it.
absterge, Sep 26 2001

       YOu can do what the Eskimos do, drink seal oil to raise your internal body temperature, then you don't need such heavy gear...you just need to acquire a taste for seal oil.
negativeIQ, Sep 26 2001


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