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winter wear

Scarfs that don't just keep you warm but ARE warm.
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Scarfs and even mittens that give off heat. It's like a portable heater but one you can wear carelessly out to play in the snow. All it needs is to be charged up:plugged into electrical outlet. Then away you go. Light weight and nice and toasty.
pLeep, Jun 27 2002

Hot Hands 4x5 Warmers and Hot Hands Mini Hand Warmers http://www.clorders.com/heatmax.htm
Heated mittens. [phoenix, Jun 27 2002]

Grandoe SuperCharged HEATED Mittens http://ecom1.sno-ski.com/product217.html
Heated mittens. [phoenix, Jun 27 2002]

HOT ROCKS® http://hotrocks.com/scarf.htm
Heated scarf. [phoenix, Jun 27 2002]


       Might want to try putting this into fashion:<whatever>.
kaz, Jun 27 2002

       Already Baked. Please search before posting.   

       Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Jun 27 2002


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