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water tube socks

They're socks -- filled with water!
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After a long day of pounding the pavement, give those aching dogs a rest with squishy socks filled with warm water. *Ahhhh* They're totally tubular.

Naturally they'd have to have durable soles so you could slosh around the house in 'em, if necessary. For added functionality, they vibrate. Waves of footsy relaxation! Just imagine the soothiness, if you can.

nihilo, May 18 2006

some similar ideas here http://www.become.c...hop?q=therapy+socks
[xandram, May 18 2006]

gel slippers for kuupuuluu http://www.comforth...t/convsmasslip.html
[xandram, May 18 2006]

Slipper socks http://www.kiwi-she...sp?product_id=FW018
Make them hollow & watertight & just add water [nihilo, May 18 2006]


       [+] Basis for a good idea. If you had a water (or gel) filled set of slippers, now that I'd be interested in. When you walk they could massage your feet gently. Perfect for mooching around the home or office.
kuupuuluu, May 18 2006

       [kpl] gel slippers are widely known to exist (see link)
xandram, May 18 2006

       The difference between a gel sock and a water sock is like the difference between a gel mattress overlay and a waterbed. The latter is oceanic; the former is merely spongy.
nihilo, May 18 2006

       The difference between a gel mattress overlay and a waterbed is that you can't stand up on a waterbed.   

       Water-filled insoles already exist. If you are suggesting booties filled with water, you are describing things poorly. If you mean to build something socklike with tubes of water wrapped around, you need a bit more description of you keep them from settling around your ankles. -
baconbrain, May 18 2006

       The water tube sock is not intended as a regular-use substitute sock. It's post-shoe relaxation footwear, such as for "after a long day of pounding the pavement" as initially explained.   

       Water-filled insoles are not water-filled socks, and they do not vibrate.   

       They do not necessarily need to ascend up the entire length of the leg. To soothe the foot they only need to cover the foot, as the Slipper sock product does in the link at left.   

       To clarify, these are sock-like garments worn on the foot with an enclosed cavity (hence its "tubular" nature) which encloses a warm, aqueous fluid that squishes about and soothes the foot. The garment can be made to vibrate with an external electronic apparatus, thus massaging the foot with minature waves of pleasure. Please advise me if I have omitted any pertinent details.
nihilo, May 18 2006

       Thanks [xandram] :) Never seen those in the high street, might have to buy a pair and try those babies out!
kuupuuluu, May 18 2006


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