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Heatpipes in Garments

Strategically placed "soft" heatpipes in garments for dissipation of heat
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This has been touched upon before, but I couldn't find any reference to heatpipes.

Weave a heat-conducting material into strategic locations of clothing (crotch, underwire of bras, armpits, bottom of socks) and connect these to heatpipes running to cooler locations on the body (like front thigh, butt, breasts, etc)

This might be achieved using a technique similar to, but hopefully less flamable than, Sandia's copper wicks transporting methanol - see http://www.cio.com/archive/030103/et_development.html

austegard, Jul 16 2003

Low-Heat Laptops http://www.cio.com/...et_development.html
[austegard]'s link as a link. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       What *do* you do in winter? Wear non-wicking clothes?
phoenix, Jul 17 2003


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