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"Spravy" - The Aerosol Gravy

Spray-on gravy from a can!
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From the makers of "Roll-on Hollandaise" comes "Spravy", the aerosol gravy in a can. Simply spray it on any food to give that good old fashioned "drippins" coating. Comes in many flavors like bird, cow, and sea critter.
TheShovel, Nov 27 2000

(?) Cat Devours Easy Cheese! Film at 11. http://wiw.org/~abs...e/LHC/Frederick.gif
here's that pic I promised... :P [absterge, Nov 27 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Cayman fish sucking "Easy Cheese" from a can. http://www.pobox.co...utta/cheezefish.gif
A more rigorous study using silly string as a control is yet to be conducted. [jutta, Nov 27 2000]

(?) Nestle's new product http://www.angel.no...y.co.uk/coffee.html
Bake-in-the-can Spravy is puet. (It's a big gif file - 818KB.) [angel, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       That's freaking awesome~! I already love spray cheese, and i like gravy, so why not can it?! Maybe my mom could make it. Gravy's about one of the only things she can cook well. mmm... hungry...
DreamGoddess, Nov 29 2000

       DreamGoddess loves spray cheese. Is that a real product? It sounds awful. Isn't it all foamed-up and chemically tainted?
Skinny Rob, Nov 29 2000

       apparently, DreamGoddess is not alone. A friend of mine has a cat who will devour can-cheese with ferver. [pics to come]
absterge, Nov 29 2000

       "Roll-on Hollandaise"?? That's a bit disconcerting.... But there are oh-so-many foods that would be made more, um, interesting with spray-on sea critter gravy. Yum.
seizethefish, Dec 25 2000

       Esthetically repugnant, yet irresistible in a fast food sort of way. Where can I get some?
wasraw, Dec 26 2000

       One problem, Gravy is meant to be hot, which would mean either finding a way of heating the can up first, or you would have to warm up the meal after spraying, which doesn't do good for gravy. Try doing it with normal gravy, ewwwwww
Fletche, Dec 27 2000

       They made Hot Shaving Cream from a can, didn't they?
thumbwax, Dec 28 2000

       Sounds delicious, but I recommend a Windex-style bottle.
Vance, Feb 01 2001

       could it have 0 calories like that spray on butter they make?
futurebird, Feb 25 2001

       I would buy this. No, actually I wouldn't, but I *would* make it and sell it to other people. The name alone deserves an award.
angel, Apr 25 2001

       Now we all know that gases heat up when you compress them (that's how a jet engine works), and the only reason that an aerosol is cold is because of the hydrocarbon propellant which evaporates on exit from the can (indeed it is the pressure of the compressed propellant which drives the aerosol). So, if you could create a non-chemical propellant can that had the power to seriously compress the liquid contained therein through the nozzle, then the Spravy could be self heating!! Obviously conventional aerosol alternatives using hand pumping action would not have enough oomph for this so I would suggest some kind of trick with compressed air... Self-heating spray on gravy. We've finally made it into the 21st century.
goff, Apr 25 2001

       Stop press! Nestle have just announced canned coffee which heats up *in the can*. The can contains water in a reservoir which is punctured when a button is pressed. The water mixes with quicklime and the exothermic reaction heats the coffee.
The coffee itself will be vile, of course, but the heating method could bake our Spravy.
Can't find anything on the web, but see Tuesday's Daily Mail (UK), page 14.
angel, May 02 2001

       [degroof]: I've just spent 20 minutes on the phone to Nestle (see how busy I am at work); there's nothing on the net, and nothing available to non-accredited-press types. I'll scan the original news page and post it on my site. Watch this space (and the 'coffee' page).
(Later) Done. See link.
angel, May 02 2001

       [Angel] - the self heating coffee is simply a variation of the old "Compo" rations that were used during the second world war. All you had to do was pierce the can. I think they are still available - try you local army surplus store - they may even do a coffee.   

       [TheShovel] - we have a spray on grease in the UK (for greasing cake tins, baking trays etc, so I suppose you could do it with a very weak gravy.)
CasaLoco, May 14 2001

       Baked -- in a manner. Not gravy, but salad dressing. Some years back, Richard Simmons invented Salad Spray, low-calorie dressings that you sprayed on your greens. THAT was a flash in the can!
Sparki, Aug 15 2001

       Pulled from the market because they were self-combustible?   

       <self heating coffee link> Cool! I want one of those, if for no other reason than the neatness quotient. A buck fifty for only two-thirds the amount is a bit much, though.
StarChaser, Aug 17 2001

       A few days ago, a TV show mentioned "Spravy, the gravy you spray." May have been "Who's Line is it Anyway?" (American version). Makes you wonder who sees our ideas...
AfroAssault, Oct 11 2001

       'From the great Dilbert: Facelift in a can (the head shrinker) and Amputation in a jar. Now featuring spravy with way too much amino acids too be healthy.' And how are you going to get it out of the can without using compressed air (if you eat it, you get hiccups) or lots of squeezing (well, it won't work on metal, and if you use plastic... well nobody wants gravy on their special thanksgiving pants.)
croissantz, Oct 05 2004

       This idea could be the ultimate reason that human beings have intelligence. I believe now that if this idea makes it to market, I can face the End of the World with a smile on my face.
Size_Mick, Nov 15 2005


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