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Edible Gun

For assassins that want to conceal the evidence by eating it.
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This idea consists of the an edible gun with parts made from durable but edible components. It would probably need to have a non-edible part or two to ignite the custard powder (or equivalent) gunpowder replacement but these would be considered akin to the pith or stones that you get in some fruits.

Ideally it would not be a regular gun shape so it should pass a both a visual and x-ray inspection. Would-be food assassins could even hide it within something innocent-looking like a cornish pasty.

For younger assassins vitamins and endorsements by Barney or the Spice Girls could be added.

Aristotle, May 02 2002

Edible Projectiles http://homepage.mac...unk/potato_gun.html
A link to show I done the obligatory google search. This describes experimentation with a device that fires potatoes. [Aristotle, May 02 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

AdvancedSpuds http://advancedspuds.com/
A working link [discontinuuity, Aug 15 2005]

custard gun Custard_20gun
Another attempt at reducing evidence of a crime. [ye_river_xiv, Nov 11 2007]


       I'll take mine in vanilla with strawberry bullets. Make sure to stick a banana tracer every 6th round. For optics, give me a whip cream 10-power range finding scope. Add a red licorice (liquorice) bipod too. And don't forget the spoon or security might wonder.
dag, May 02 2002

       If you outlaw edible guns, only overwieght outlaws will eat them
globaltourniquet, May 02 2002

       Mmmm ... strawberry bullets ....
Aristotle, May 02 2002

       he shot me with chocolate and I thought we were frieeeeeennnnnnddds - what a way to go! ahhhhhh
po, May 02 2002

bristolz, May 02 2002

       According to the lands, grooves and bitemarks, our forensic scientists have determined it was a 9mm Browning Brownie.
jurist, May 03 2002

       "I think a good gift for the president would be a chocolate revolver. And since he's so busy, you'd probably have to run up to him and hand it to him."
-- Jack Handey

       I am moved to inquire if it is possible to construct a gun out of non-metal materials. (Echelon sirens just started wailing, I'm sure.) I remember seeing in the Eastwood film "In the Line of Fire" that Malkovich's character fashions a gun out of wood in order to sneak it aboard a flight. It was done convincingly in the film - the gun held two bullets and couldn't be used again - but it seems impossible to me.
waugsqueke, May 03 2002

       Maybe a marrow-bone mini-mortar. Or mabye a shotgun made out of frozen vegetable held together with high tensil strength spun sugar? Or a frozen broccoli spear?
Gary1953, May 11 2002

       There were some rumors about the Austrian Glock series weapons not being able to be detected by metal detectors because they were made mostly out of polymers. This was proven untrue. But...Firing puts a big amount of stress on the barrel. So I'm afraid this is very much WIBNI. But I like the idea, so no fishbone for you and no croissant either.
Saruman, Jul 25 2002

       anyone seen the movie 'eXistenz'. not edible but did contain a gun made from bones & organic bits that fired teeth.
industrial, Aug 26 2002

       maybe as a singleshot weapon.. the flash of heat from the round firing would undoubtedly cause irrevocable damage to the meal.. erm, I mean gun. As far as materials, what about a sugar based epoxy resin poured into a form containing one bullet to shape a barrel around the bullet and guarantee a proper seal?

It could be disguised as a lollypop with a stick extending from the back end of the barrel. BANG! then put the gun in mouth like a lollypop and go about your business. Eventually the epoxy would dissolve and the evidence goes bye bye.

But does anyone know the health concerns surrounding injesting gunshot residue??
scott_r_uber, Aug 14 2005

       well, the idea is entitled "Edible Gun" not "Edible Weapon". Plus, as an assasin, would you really want to eat an edged weapon that you just covered with blood when you killed your assigned target?

But since we're on the topic, if a high tensil strength fiber could be made that was also edible, it could be used in garrotes. It would need to be thick enough to strangle an adversary and not cut into their skin like the wire in a common garrote would.

Bear down your target from behind, take the wire from the two stale brownie(or other edible material) handles, eat it in one swallow followed by the handles.
scott_r_uber, Aug 14 2005

       Deadly Licorice! Interesting.
SoldierJim, Aug 14 2005

       Unfortuantely, anything tough enough to kill a person would be too tough to eat.
SoldierJim, Aug 14 2005

       You'll get my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead...hey, candy!
dbsousa, Aug 15 2005

       I think your best bet for an edible weapon would be a blowgun of sorts. I'm thinking twizzlers.
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 15 2005

       //Unfortuantely, anything tough enough to kill a person would be too tough to eat// Not so - ever tried biltong?
coprocephalous, Aug 15 2005

       I'm thinking of the dwarfs deadly throwing croissants and various war pastries in "The Fifth Elephant" by Terry Pratchett.   

       Anyone else feel the same way?
DesertFox, Mar 05 2006

       "I'm out ! Throw me a magazine ! Yech, you've been sucking on it ! "
normzone, Mar 05 2006

       Well, it probably wouldn't be very appetizing, but I assume that hardtack or old fruit cakes could handle the muzzle pressure...   

       These of course are not generally considered edible, so discovering them after a standard stomach pump would arouse a good deal of suspicion.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 04 2006

       no in needs to be made of raw meet and potatoes so the heat from the shot being fired cooks the meal
colonol sanders, Sep 05 2006

       I probably wouldn't want to eat my gun, even if it was possible. Any food that stands up to this is either unedible or expensive. If you want to have an inconspicuous weapon, try dissassembling it, hiding/disguising the parts, reassembling it, using it, dissassembling it again and disposing of all the pieces individually. Works for me.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 11 2007

       Gum already is edible, it will pass through the digestive system like normal food, only difference is that it won't dissolve. It will still end up in the toilet in a week.
krigre55, Nov 29 2007

       No, gum *does* dissolve, thanks to the powerful hydrochloric acid in our stomachs.   

       This isn't a good idea, though. People would be accidentally killing themselves when they attempt to eat the gun.
Spacecoyote, Nov 29 2007

       You could have it run on compressed air and fire quills filled with toxic poison. Nothing in the description says it has to shoot bullets like a regular handgun.
qt75rx1, Mar 10 2008


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