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Scorsese-View Mirror

3rd person perspective driving aid
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Place cameras at dangerous intersections, blind drives, and the like, and attach them to wireless transmitters. install viewers in cars that allow you to see your car, and/or unseen cars, from a third person perspective. Software would calculate your position, determine your blind spot, and tune into the camera most likely to compensate for it. Alternately, it could be manually controlled from the passenger seat, making the "shotgun" seat a position of responsibility. It would be like having a rear view mirror that peered into blind alleys, around intersections, and over bridges.
dbsousa, Aug 25 2003


       Would this replace those spherical mirrors, that are always either cracked of blind? Cameras cannot be any more expensive these days and give a better picture. (+)
kbecker, Aug 25 2003

       I expected a mirror where your reflection asks, "you talking to me?"
waugsqueke, Aug 25 2003

       Dang, [db]! I guess I gotta give you the puffy bread, 'cause I was about to post a v. similar idea.   

       Melds well with the pre-baked Cadillac infrared camera/display setup. Also - if the camera is stationary (and stable), detecting and highlighting motion should be fairly simple.
lurch, Aug 25 2003

       My mother might volunteer for this program, if you’re looking for human control. She’s quite experienced at this third person “helper” thing. Watching actors driving around on television, she sits on my sofa and shouts at the drivers, telling them what to do, what to look out for.

She likes speed, but in moderation, like maybe 20 miles per hour. If a TV driver gets out of her comfort zone, you can see her stomping her foot on the floor as though she was stomping on the brake. Once, I even saw her absent-mindedly reaching for the seat belt on my living room couch.

I encourage it, I’ll admit. Whenever she comes over, I like to have the video of Bullitt playing.
pluterday, Aug 26 2003

       To Live and Die in L.A. has a great chase scene, too. Lots and lots and lots of cars for her to to yell at.
thumbwax, Aug 27 2003

       Can we have one on John Malkovich's baseball cap?
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2003

       Really, has that been happening with the cameras in London or Florida? Presumably, a camera that can broadcast the actions of potential thieves will deter all but the dumbest, and lead to the swift arrest of those who aren't deterred. Plus, I live near several poor neighborhoods, and the stoplights are all still there...
dbsousa, Aug 28 2003


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