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A new grammar thingy, what do you call those? Suffix, that's it.
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Am using an iPad and having trouble getting used to the copy and paste or maybe it's a browser compatibility issue - because safari still doesn't have a find feature, wtfiuwt?

But I am finding myself using the phrase, "which you may google" over and over in emails, since I can't easily copy and paste the address, and am realizing that it makes a lot of sense to shorten it to the acronymical "wymg", and add it directly on to the end of the word, which not only gives it a little bit of a feaux-Welsh-esque sort of thing going on, but also elevates the google to another level of incorporation into our language, and thus another step toward sidewalkableability which I can go into at another time.

Say for instance the traingasm guy, wymg --- as opposed to, "Say for instance the traingasmguywymg." See what I mean? Actually, "see what I mean" should be "cwim" and should be appended onto the end of the word toocwim. I guess this could go for all of those chat acronyms or abbreviationsowethtac.

So this is my proposal, that we elevate google, via the acronym wycg, not just to the level of an uncapitalized verb as in, "to google something," but into the grammar, and ok I know I am asking for trouble here since we have so many grammarians hanging around, of the language.

Btw, have you seen the traingasm guy yet? Ok I know that is not de rigueur here, but the idea is about google, the traingasm part is just peripheral. But he is as awesome as the double rainbow guywycg. You will appreciate both and can google both phrases. I am on an iPad and can't figure out the friggin copy and paste function. Nice usability guys. iPad which you can google, which should be shortened to, "iwycg", and maybe turned into an append-able grammatical thingy, think I'll go submit that to the halfbakery as jesushchrist, which should be should be shortened to tigsttthbajhcwycg.

Just looked up (the phrase or acronym or whatever,) "Q.E.D.", which i was thinking "wycg" might be a modern version of, because i had thought that "Q.E.D." had meant "queen's english dictionary" and people used it to mean, "look it up" or "I put an afadavit on that" or something like that, but i found out that it means something in Latin that is what you are supposed to put on the end of a mathematical, logical, or physical proof. ... Physical proof? I almost hesitate to google that...

I just did google it and someone asks, "is there a physical proof of God?", and the answer, I think from answers.com, is, "not really... " ... uh oh.

Ok, I changed the suffix to, -wymg, pronounced like "wih-ming", standing for "Which you may google", from, "which you can google." I am hearing my eighth grade teacher saying in response to my request to be excused from the classroom so that i could visit the bathroom, "I don't know, can you?"

JesusHChrist, Aug 04 2012

For the nongooglers http://yababoon.com...8/02/traingasm-guy/
Traingasm [JesusHChrist, Aug 04 2012]

Double rainbow http://www.youtube....watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI
[JesusHChrist, Aug 04 2012]

https://www.google.com/search?q=WYMG [tatterdemalion, Aug 05 2012]


       Looks exceedingly Anglo-Saxon to me more than Welsh, as in "brycg" - bridge.
nineteenthly, Aug 04 2012

       Baked. Newspeak.
8th of 7, Aug 04 2012

       Hate this idea, and most other things that smack of jargon and obfuscation. In addition to the Welsh, however, folks in Wyoming might have an appreciation for the extra Google searches "WYMG" may bring to sites in their state. Still a (-) for me.
jurist, Aug 05 2012

       "Hey, what's WYMG mean ?"   

       "Google it."
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2012

       The traingasm guy is just a little too over the top to be real. Call me cynical, but the seemingly unselfconscious moans of excitement, coupled with the lack of excruciating detail about the train itself and the professed ignorance of historical facts that any true railroad enthusiast would presumably have some familiarity with (Who's TC Durant?) place this squarely in the satire camp in my opinion.
ytk, Aug 05 2012

       wymg is nothing more than a modern "q.v."
phundug, Aug 06 2012

lurch, Aug 07 2012

       I mourn the fall of the Mother Tongue.   

       In other words, what the hell is wrong with speaking plain fucking English?! It's the most versatile, demonstrative, and articulate language in the world, the language of scientists and philosophers for centuries. Why this sudden need to condense and simplify it to the point of absurdity? Textspeak, Newspeak, whatever-speak, I refuse to validate any of it.
Alterother, Aug 07 2012

       I tend to agree with [Alterother], but english is also inconsist, often contradictory, and apparently very difficult to learn for speakers of other languages (due to the inconsistencies and contradictions). But txtspk and it's relatives are painfully annoying.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 07 2012


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