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listeners make their own stationcall
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I am now listening to my favourite radio-station in the Netherlands KinkFM. They have hardly any commercials and good music most of the time. But still they have the inevitable station calls. The first time I heard their station call, it was fun, the second time less, after that it was irritating. For some reason these station calls need to be repetitive. Why not make different ones all the time? And let it be done by the listeners themselves. They like to be on the radio considering the popularity of silly radio-games on popular radio stations. Open a 0900 number and let the listeners leave a stationcall in a voicemailbox. Make it a maximum of x seconds and give the rule that they should mention the name of the radiostation and the frequency number they receive it on. "Hey Thom, I can't come to your party before midnight, and I am listening to KinkFM at 102.9FM in Amsterdam, kisses from Liz..". "This is DJ Dimitri, I will play at the Mazzo's tonight and I am listening to KinkFM at 102.9FM in Amsterdam". "The best song I heard on KinkFM at 102.9FM so far is .. bye from Jules in Amsterdam". The little snippets of other people's lives gives some space for the imagination. A kind of Short Cuts/Magnolia mix. And for those who craft very nice station calls, they can also post them to the website of the radio-station as WAVs where people can vote for the best one. That will get some more airtime. The radio-station can meanwhile make money with the 0900 number.


rrr, Aug 04 2000


       "The little snippets from other people's lives" would drive me nuts. Other than that, sounds like it might work.
jutta, Aug 04 2000

       My favorite station call was: "When news breaks - we fix it!".
Scott_D, Aug 05 2000

       Jutta, same here. At least in the US, they're required to identify themselves I think once per hour...hearing somebody who thinks it's cute to let their kids do their answering machine message doing a station ID the same way would drive me to track them down and throw up in their laps.   

       <I'm at work, and it's been raining idiots today, can you tell?>
StarChaser, Aug 05 2000

       StarChaser, the radio station of course decides which ones to air. After a while only the funny, interesting, intriguing ones survive the selection. And there's a voting on the station's website of course.
rrr, Aug 15 2000


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